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Preventing Coronavirus in Long Term Care Facilities and Homecare

New respiratory infection – coronavirus  2019 (COVID-19) is spreading in United States.  CDC recommends to confine the spread of COVID-19 in Long Term Care Facilities and Home Care Services using a very similar techniques that are being used to prevent the  spread of other respiratory infections like flu.

CDC recommends to keep long term care consumers and  workers informed and to provide additional education, if needed. Address consumers` and employees` inquiries and clarify what they can do to ensure  safety.  Screen workers and consumers for fever or respiratory side effects.  

As a rule, when providing care  to consumers with undiscovered respiratory condition utilize Standard, Contact, and Droplet Precautions with eye protection, except if suspected analysis requires Airborne Precautions (e.g., Tuberculosis).

Long Term Care staff should screen their local and  state news and Health Care Regulatory sources to comprehend COVID-19 progression to help educate themselves and their patients to deepen knowledge of COVID-19 and  respiratory disease prevention.

In case of the transmission of COVID-19 in the local community, in addition to the above safety precautions, long term care providers are required to  counsel the Health Care Authorities for additional instructions.

Point out the improtance of cough and sneezing etiquette and hand washing technique among consumers and employees.

Ensures workers follow hand washing policy according to  CDC rules such as washing hands thoroughly with soap and water no less than 20 seconds including before and after contacting the consumer/patient, after contacting with possibly contaminated surfaces or gear, and appropriately utilizing personal protective equipment (PPE).

Provide employees with sufficient supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including facemasks, eye shields or goggles, gloves, gowns, hand sanitizer, soap and paper towels, and ensure appropriate disposing of used equipment. 

Review Infection Control Policy and Procedures and refresh staff knowledge on by providing trainings and printed handouts. 

For additional information on COVID-19 prevention go to https://www.cdc.gov