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Posted 08/01/2019 in Category 1

The Role of Doctor in Home Care

The Role of Doctor in Home Care

The American Medical Association defines the role of a doctor regarding functional tasks. Their functional roles regard the implementation and establishment of a treatment schedule which may be conducted by the client alone or with the support of family members. The primary duties of doctor in home care include: 

  • Management of a client’s medical issues.
  • Identification of the home care needs of a client.
  • Implementation of a treatment plan with the determination of both short-term and long-term goals.
  • Analysis of new, acute and recurrent health issues based on data supplied by family members.
  • Provision for continuous medical care at home.
  • Communication with client’s family regarding his/her medical progress. 
  • Participation, when required, in home care family meetings.
  • Reassessments of home care plans and the results of care.
  • Assessment of quality care.
  • Documentation of client’s medical records.
  • Provision of 24-hour on-call insurance.

In which incidences can a house call doctor can intervene?

  • If you are suffering from an acute or chronic condition that deters you from leaving your bed or exiting your premises for example, mobility loss, back pain and sprain.
  • If you require medical certification for a sick leave.
  • If you require a doctor to construct a medical form.
  • Palliative care.
  • If you require small stiches.
  • If you need one-time examination or healthcare supervision.
  • If you need a teleconferencing. 
  • If you require a protection authorization in case of a medical disability.

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