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Posted 08/22/2019 in Category 1

Managed Long Term Care Quality Review . MLTC Star Rating

Managed Long Term Care Quality Review . MLTC Star Rating

Annually  Managed Long Term Care organizations are undergoing a Quality Review. The MLTC review consists of functional, demographic and social status data about the clients of each program and outlines plans established on variations dealing with client satisfaction, quality and potentially preventable hospitable admissions. The outcome of these measures as well as compliance factors, indicates whether an outline will acquire endorsement from the MLTC Quality and Incentive Body and the sum of reimbursement. 

The MLTC review presents an outline performance in the following categories:

  • Potentially preventable hospitalizations.
  • Current outline accomplishment on efficiency of care, emergency room appointments and the quality of life.
  • Client satisfaction with the quality of home care.
  • Operations of activities of daily living. 
  • Access and encounter of home care.
  • Aspect of life and the long-term efficiency of home care.

Several measures that were presented in the MLTC review were chosen for the utilization of Medicaid value-dependent payment (VBP) sectors such as urinary tract infection, respiratory conditions, heart failure, sepsis, electrolyte disproportion and anemia. 


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