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Posted 07/03/2019 in Category 1

How to Locate a CDPAS Agency near Me

How to Locate a CDPAS Agency near Me

When the time comes to have a home health aide (HHA), many individuals are relieved to learn they can easily locate a CDPAS agency near me to be able to have their loved ones taken well care of.

To find CDPAS agencies near me, refer to the website OpenHomeCare.com where you can key in your preferred location and/or the name of the agency. Additionally, the website can be used to acquire the CDPAS best rate.

Before your caregiver is employed by a  CDPAS agency to help you access the CDPAS program, you will want to ask the following questions:

Does the agency have experience with CDPAS?

A CDPAS agency near me that consistently helps consumers with the CDPAS program will be familiar with the in and out procedures of government programs and ensures the necessary steps are followed properly.

Does the agency offer other caregivers, if required?

It is important to consider certain differentiating factors such as hiring a CDPAS agency near me that offers a seamless transition from CDPAS to home health aide (HHA) and back to CDPAS if required. While having a friend or family member for a caregiver is favorable, many clients prefer backup services offered by a CDPAS agency. Therefore, make sure you engage a CDPAS agency that provides the best of both worlds!

CDPAS Best Rate in NYS

CDPAS best rate in NYS is one which is federally governed and compensates weekly. The number of registered clients will enable getting a great and competitive price in New York. The CDPAS best rate in terms of pay rate is $15to $23 an hour depending on agency. 


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