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Posted 09/05/2019 in Category 1

Home Care Duties of a Home Nurse

Home Care Duties of a Home Nurse

It is very common for a family to have a home care nurse when a family member is ailing. Hence, employing a skilled home nurse enables clients to remain in familiar settings while ensuring they are not mistreated in a nursing home. Hiring a home nurse also enables chronically ill clients to spend their end-of-life experience with dignity at the comfort of their homes. The client’s home care doctor can recommend a licensed home nurse. The role of a home nurse is to assist the home care doctor in daily medical duties. 

Some home care duties include:

Complete doctor-recommended treatments- A home care nurse offers intervention procedures recommended by the home care doctor. The home care duties are administering medication and injections, dressing wounds, giving inoculations, changing catheters, administering regulated IV therapy, tube feeding and drawing blood. 

Monitor medication- Home nurses check the medication and offer education about the prescription to the client. Such home care duties include organizing weekly pills in pill packages according to the home doctor’s prescription. The home nurse confirms that the client’s medication is not misinterpreted, which sometimes happens in communal facilities with several clients.

Complete patient evaluations- Home nurses offer advice to the home care doctor based on the client’s medical information. It is their home care duty to request extra equipment or resources to the client’s benefit. They also assess vital symptoms and report any issues to the home care doctor. 

Preserve medical devices- One of the primary home care duties of home care nurses is to maintain the client’s medical accessories from respirators to drips and ensure they are clean and in proper condition. 

Carry out sanitary requirements- A home care nurse takes care of the personal demands of a client especially the disabled ones including personal hygiene such as bathing and washing their beddings. 


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