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Posted 07/25/2019 in Category 1

Home Care Agencies` Types

Home Care Agencies` Types

There are unique distinctions among local home care agencies regarding the forms of services, management, types of ownership and options for payment. Being conversant with these variations will help you choose the best home care agency that suits your lifestyle.

There are two main categories of local home care agencies 

Home care agencies are categorized according to the services offered and sub sequential payment options depending on whether skilled or non-skilled care is required. Home care is categorized into non-medical local home care agencies that offer non-skilled care and medical local home health agencies that offer skilled care. The medical local home care agencies are validated by the state and provide third party compensation from private health insurances, Medicaid and Medicare. Medical home care is offered by Registered Nurses (RNs), social workers, speech therapists, occupational and physical therapists. 

The non-medical local home care agencies offer sympathetic emergency care provided by home health aides, non-authorized nurse aides, companions, home attendants, certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and personal care aides. Unskilled personal assistance in meal preparation, bathing, dressing among other services is a vital requirement in home care and must be compensated for out of pocket. 

There is a wide variety of partnership types

Many local home care agencies are sole proprietorships and others are interconnected with health institutions, long-term care centers and physician organizations.

There are different ways to contrast local home care agencies

Medical local home care agencies are validated by the Medicaid/Medicare hence they undergo yearly inspections to assess their performance. Non-medical local home care agencies do not require medical authorization; thus you will depend on recommendations and referrals. 


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