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Posted 09/12/2019 in Category 1

Grow your Home Care Agency

Grow your Home Care Agency

You know your local home care agency has great potential to grow, but you are not sure of the most efficient way to market to new customers. You know you will need to employ more staff to answer clients’ queries about your local home care agency, but fear recruitment and onboarding. You are also aware that the operations of your home care organization consume a lot of your time that putting extra effort seems impossible. None of these factors are unsolvable. These simple tips can assist you establish a solid infrastructure for development and expansion and take your local home care agency to a higher level.

Establish a clearly defined strategy

Often people dive into investing in new resources, employing staff and upgrading services quickly. Trying to expand your local home care agency without putting together a thorough plan is like traveling on a road trip without a location map. Construct a plan of how you intend to target your marketing campaign and what kind of resources you will need. 

Get out of the office regularly

In the initial stages of launching your agency, you were more invested in handling office tasks such as attending to new clients’ queries, hiring and training new employees. However, 50% of high quality customer introductions descend from home care providers who interact regularly. Hence, meeting with your clients frequently will help foster trust and assurance of the quality of your service. Establishing a thriving local home care agency requires you to become a part of the society you serve. 

Focus on client needs

Conduct regular client surveys to rate their satisfaction levels with your home care services as it is crucial when it comes to investing in means of expanding your client base. Also consider where customers with the greatest needs come from. Approximately 20-25% of new clients come through referrals from past or present clients who are family members. 


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