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Posted 09/19/2019 in Category 1

Duties of a Home Health Aide

Duties of a Home Health Aide

Home Health Aides are required more than ever in today’s world. The elderly and critically ill individuals often need consistent care hence home attendants are crucial for their well-being and safety especially those restricted to their residences. With the help of a home attendant, family members can go about other daily activities such as work with the peace of mind that their loved one is well taken care of. Having a home attendant makes a lot of difference between an isolated existence and an enjoyable and assured life. 

Offer rudimentary medical care

Providing fundamental medical care is one of the duties of a home attendant. They dispense topical and oral medication as prescribed by a doctor or nurse. They also change wound dressings and bandages and check vital symptoms and help with respirators or prosthetics. When required, home attendants assist with physical therapy activities. They also document clients’ medical progress as requested by the physicians. 

Help with personal grooming

Home attendants help clients with hygiene practices such as bathing, personal grooming, dental hygiene and utilization of bed tins and dumping of bedpan waste. 

Aid in mobility

Portability is an issue for many clients and home attendants assist them get in and out of vehicles, beds, bathtubs and chairs. They acquire training in helping patients how to use walkers and canes. Home Aides also book medical appointments for their clients and accompany them to hospitals. 

Meal preparation and housekeeping 

Home Health Aides perform light housekeeping tasks such as spreading and washing bed sheets and towels, cleaning the house doing laundry. They may also do grocery shopping and prepare meals for clients as well as other tasks requested by clients. 


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