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Posted 07/18/2019 in Category 1

CDPAP Hourly Rate in New York

CDPAP Hourly Rate in New York

The average CDPAP hourly rate of a home care organization in NYC is $15.00 and $16.65 to $ 22.50 for hourly overtime however the definite rate depends with the county. CDPAP caregivers can labor up to 60 hours per week when authorized by the client’s insurance and if approved by the client. Insurance validation is based on a nurse’s evaluation of the client and the client preference dictates whether the caregiver can work full-time or part-time. 

Caregivers often get absolute deposits into their bank accounts and if you do not have a bank account, you get reimbursed via check or free pay card. If you get unwell or cannot work on a certain day home care agencies still cater for your sick days, family leave compensation, regular pay, disability, overtime and direct deposit. In various NY counties, caregivers are qualified for a  medical benefits package. 

Get assessed for your eligibility as a CDPAP caregiver

A CDPAS or Fiscal Intermediary agency will evaluate your eligibility for the CDPAP program and inform the CDPAP hourly rate you can acquire. 

Select your caregiver

Consumer or patient has the benefit of selecting a caregiver of choice whether it is a friend, relative, daughter, son- basically anyone can be your caregiver except your spouse. The home care professionals will assist to enroll in the program of choice. 

You attain care- they get compensated 

You get to acquire quality care from a person who cares and values you. Hence you remain happy and satisfied while your caregiver gets value for service offered. 

Studies indicate that when a home care giver is a family member,  the client is more likely to display better health outcomes in the hands of a loved one due to receiving compassionate care unlike in the hands of a formal caregiver.


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