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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

Deep muscle pain can be stubborn to get rid of. Over-the-counter medicines can’t dent it. Doctors sometimes can’t even locate it. That’s when it’s time to try dry needle therapy or trigger point massage therapy. Both target trigger points in your muscles to release the pain there.

For the long term, dry needling and this trigger point massage therapy technique help you out of pain, naturally. See your local Brooklyn physical therapy practitioner for trigger point therapy.

Chronic pain affects millions of people every day, whether it’s in the knee, shoulders, hips or back. Most live with the pain or spend time and money trying remedies that don’t deliver the best results. It’s an endless struggle.

Trigger point therapy — also known as myofascial trigger point or neuromuscular therapy — is a different alternative. Available at your local physical therapy practice in Brooklyn, trigger point therapy as a form of physical therapy for knee arthritis can treat your chronic pain. It works because it focuses on detecting and releasing trigger points or especially sensitive spots in your body.

Read more info: https://www.triptnyc.com/trigger-point-therapy/ 

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