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Stroke; Types, Symptoms, Risk Factors and Treatment

Stroke; Types, Symptoms, Risk Factors and Treatment

What is a Stroke?

Stroke is a medical emergency condition that is caused either by obstruction of the artery supplying the brain or due to rupture of the artery carrying blood to the brain. It is a very common problem that is regarded as the number fourth killer in the United States. It is equally common in the rest of the world.

Types of Stroke

There are two types of strokes on the basis of underlying pathology.

Ischemic Stroke

It occurs due to a decrease in blood flow to the brain by one of the following mechanisms.

  • Narrowing of the arteries supplying the brain as a result of long-term deposition of lipids in the vessel walls, a condition termed as atherosclerosis.
  • Blockage of the vessels supplying the brain by a clot that has reached these vessels from somewhere else in the circulation.

Hemorrhagic stroke

It occurs to the rupture of an artery in the brain. The blood leaks out into the brain tissue as well as the part of the brain past the site of rupture is going to be deprived of the blood flow and thus oxygen. Both of these mechanisms are going to produce brain damage.

Symptoms of a Stroke

The symptoms of the stroke depend on which area of the brain has suffered damage. In general, Stroke can present in the form of sudden onset weakness of face, upper or lower limb. Usually, these symptoms involve only one side of the body; however, there could be involvement of both the side as well. The patient may be unable to walk, smile, talk or see.

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