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Posted 05/19/2020 in Category 1 by Stem Cell Therapy

Interstitial Laser Therapy

Interstitial Laser Therapy

Interstitial laser therapy is an advanced laser treatment for many different forms of back and orthopedic pain. The first laser treatment of its kind, this laser therapy eases your symptoms within 20 minutes in your doctor’s office. This laser procedure can successfully treat osteoarthritis of the joints and degenerative spine diseases.

Interstitial laser therapy is one of the most advanced treatments for osteoarthritis, degenerative disk disease and slipped discs. The latest laser technology has the ability to penetrate your skin surface to reach deep into your muscles to reduce back pain so that you can continue participating in your active Brooklyn lifestyle. This laser treatment complements stem cell therapy for back pain.

Armed with the latest medical laser technology that’s both safe and highly efficient, a Brooklyn NYC pain management specialist like Dr. Leon Reyfman achieves greater therapeutic results because of the depth of penetration he can achieve with the interstitial laser. Because injury or degeneration can occur in more than one area, this high-definition laser can treat multiple points of pain in the same session.

Conditions That Interstitial Lasers Address

Your specially trained Manhattan pain management specialist uses interstitial laser therapy to treat conditions such as:

Symptoms vary, depending on your condition. You may feel a dull, burning pain or numbness, tingling and weakness in your muscles. Your sense of discomfort can start mildly and worsen over time, or in the case of injury, your symptoms can be sudden and sharp. If untreated, you may suffer additional muscular degeneration and eventual loss of mobility.

Laser Treatment Advances

There’s no reason to wait for treatment. Lasers used to offer only hype when it came to treating pain. But the interstitial laser is the first that’s truly able to penetrate the skin, stimulate your body’s anti-inflammatory response systems and continually promote long-term joint and tissue healing.

Interstitial laser therapy actually reaches those areas of your body that create so much discomfort and pain, such as your joints and spinal discs. In the past, lasers could only treat surface damage, or at most, conditions that were very near the surface. Older lasers couldn’t penetrate your skin more than just a couple millimeters. That’s all changed now.

Read more info: https://www.stemcellstherapynyc.com/interstitial-laser/ 

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