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Posted 08/03/2019 in Category 1

Home Visiting Doctors

Home Visiting Doctors

For many years this was the norm up until about the 50s. Prior to 1950 almost half of all Visits made by doctors were house calls. Since then that practice fell by the wayside for many years and nowadays many doctors will not leave the brick and mortar establishment that is their own practice. 

Doctors started buying advanced equipment for their offices and it wouldn't fit in their doctor's bag. Plus, Medicaid and Medicare made home visits unfeasible because of their payment system. However, in the last few years, house calls have begun to resurface. If you think about it with many of the original baby boomers turning 70 much of their expenses are coming from hospitalizations. The average cost of hospitalization is about $12,000 so the longer we keep our older society out of the hospital or expensive nursing homes the better. This was the thinking process behind the new resurgence of house calls.

Why Would I Need a Doctor to Make a House Call

While there are many situations where a doctor needs to see the patient in a Healthcare environment. There are also many situations that can be taken care of at home. It is even easier to treat some conditions at the patient's house instead of having them travel to the nearest doctor's office. This is especially prevalent in people with disorders such as functional impairments, severe chronic conditions, dementia, heart disease, or even movement disorders. While conditions such as these make it difficult to travel to the doctor's office these are not the only reasons why Home Health Care is important.

Post-op Home Health Care

While most postoperative Healthcare is done by home health aides Which assist with General housekeeping, transportation, and personal care and nurses that persist with things such as medication management. When a doctor makes a home health care visits, they can diagnose such things as infections and recommend changes that can be made to the patient's care plan. All of this can be done without the patient having to leave the comfort of their own home. Having said that there are cases where a trip to the hospital will be required. However, the home health care doctor can help prevent any unnecessary trips. 

Does Insurance Cover a House Call? 

Insurance providers such as Medicaid and Medicare they will usually cover home health care for those patients meet qualifications. For instance, Medicare covers about 80% of the amount that is allowed. They bill the other 20% to the individual's secondary insurance provider. In this way, they are much like a normal physician’s office. On the other hand, some insurance providers will not governor in home health care unless it is deemed that the individual cannot travel to an office

How do I Know if the Doctors in My Area do House Calls?

Many doctors will not do Home Health Care because of the fact that they are unable to see as many patients as they can in a clinic environment and problems that many of them have had with liabilities. If you live in New York state and you're wondering if your doctor does Home Health Care, all you need to do is call and ask them. If they don't do Home Health Care there are many companies in New York state that are set up specifically for doing house calls. 

Why are House Calls Making a Comeback?

As stated above Mini doctors prefer to do their caregiving in a clinical environment. However, when you have a condition that does not allow you to reach the clinic without a great deal of trouble than a house call may be many people's only option. Back in 2013 only about positions would make a house call. And of those not many made more than 2-3 house calls a week. That is only about 3% of the total. However, according to data house calls have made a tremendous comeback and the last few years.

While this was never a revolutionary concept in the 1930s that number was closer to 40%. By the 1980s however, the percentage had gone down to 1% according to many of clinics that do geriatric medicine. From the patient's point of view, house calls have a great deal of appeal because you have no transit time, waiting room, and you don't have to skip work. If they have to drag there tired and sick body out of their comfortable bed to see a doctor it makes them feel more like a number. 

Many doctors are realizing that this allows them to have more positive patient interactions as well. Most patients want that personalized experience that allows them ease of treatment, however, for doctors, this gives them a better chance to interact with the individual. It allows them to see what the individual's environment looks like and assess the patient without that constant pressure to move on to the next. Plus, it has been shown that individuals that have house calls see their doctors an average of two times more often. 

In Conclusion 

After having researched Home Healthcare doctors, it has become quite apparent that this should no longer be a thing of the past. We need to get back to the individual aspect of treatment. Doctors doing house calls allows individuals to be seen by a doctor that otherwise would not be because of one factor or another. If you've ever been sick and needed to get to the doctor, then you know it could be horrible to drag yourself out when you feel like doing nothing more than resting. It will be interesting to see what happens in the field in the future, hopefully, the industry will grow and prosper to bring a significant relief in peoples lives. 


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